Beers On Tap

Eastern Divide Pilsner
German Style Pilsner
ABV 4.8% // IBUs 17


Leggy Blonde

Blonde Ale
​ABV 5.1% // IBUs 17


Pastoral IPA

American IPA

ABV 5.6%//IBUs 54






Goat's Eye Rye
Rye Pale Ale

 ABV 5.8% //IBUs 68

Treerider IPA

Session India Pale Ale

ABV 6.0% // IBUs 60

Oude Schuur

Belgian Farmhouse Rye Ale

ABV 6.0% // IBUs 20




Ginger Hare Carrot


ABV 4.8% // IBUs 23

Firelight Red

Red Ale

ABV 5.5% // IBUs 37

Brown Chicken

Brown Ale

 ABV 6.7%// IBUs 16

Soggy Dog 

Dry Irish Stout

ABV 4.0% // IBUs 32

​Thunder Snow Stout

Vanilla Oatmeal Coffee Stout
ABV 5.1% // IBUs 21


Cow Bellgian 

Belgian Dark Strong Ale
 ABV 7.8% // IBUs 17













Low/No Alcohol 
Fermented Tea
Current Flavor : Pineapple

Kombucha is a fermented, probiotic drink made from sweetened tea and a symbiotic culture of yeast and bacteria (SCOBY). Taste can be described similar to sparkling apple cider and champagne depending on various factors. We use a mix of organic teas, English Breakfast black tea, Sencha green tea, and organic evaporated cane juice (sugar) from EATS in Blacksburg, and flavor primarily with freshly juiced seasonal fruits or dried herbs and teas. Kombucha contains some caffeine, acetic acid, B vitamins, antioxidants, trace amounts of alcohol and live bacteria and yeast - Give it a taste or bring your growler to enjoy regularly!

Ginger Beer
Fermented Ginger Ale

 Our Ginger Beer (or "Ale") is fermented by Ginger Beer Plant (GBP). GBP is not really a plant, but rather a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (similar to a Kombucha SCOBY) of tiny grains, like semi-transparent rice granules. Lower sugar content and plenty of fresh organic lemon and ginger juice create a beverage that is tart yet a dry sweet, and fiery in ginger taste. This is a low-alcohol ferment. 

Non-alcoholic / Non-fermented
Current Flavor: Peaches and Cream

 Always made from scratch, we offer a soda available on tap. Flavors are always changing and include root and herbal recipes, citrus and seasonal fruits. All organic ingredients! 


1/2 Beer + 1/2 Kombucha

-Chocolate Chile

-Peanut Butter Blondie

-PB&J On Rye

-Strawberry Vanilla Pils

Brewed to honor the freedom and decisiveness of our surface water! A SMASH (single malt, single hop) german pils for those who prefer a crisp and refreshing light lager. Cold fermented using exclusively all organic Weyermann Pilsen malt and Willamette hops for clarity and effervescence to boot. 
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