Our Perspective on Beer:  A fluid expression of creativity and nurishment with an emphasis on the senses, seasons, and ingredients available.  
Our Goal for Beer: To develop recipes, story, and authentic visual art for each of our beers as they grow and mature, follow this page for regular additions. 


(See below for descriptions and images)
  • Brush Mountain Blonde Ale // Blonde Ale // Alc. 5.1 // IBUs 17
  • Farm Life Lager // Lager // Alc. 4.0 // IBUs 12
  • Hog Hefen // German-Style Hefeweizen // Alc. 5.0 // IBUs 20
  • Gopher Gose  // Gose // Alc. 4.8 // IBUs 11
  • Get Sun Sour  // Sour Session IPA // Alc. 5.5 // IBUs 37
  • Ginger Hare Carrot Saison  // Saison // Alc. 4.8 // IBUs 23
  • Elder Fairy Flandes  // Flanders Sour Red Ale // Alc. 6.4  // IBUs 18
  • Goat's Eye Rye  // Pale Ale // Alc. 5.7 // IBUs 68
  • Treerider IPA  // IPA  // Alc. 6.0 // IBUs 60
  • That Bucking Tractor DIPA  // DIPA // Alc. 6.9 // IBUs 78
  • Bandit Cat Barley Wine // Barley Wine // Alc. 11.5  // IBUs 44
  • Duck Duck Dunkel  // Dark Lager // Alc. 5.0 // IBUs 20
  • Thunder Snow Stout // Stout // Alc. 6.7 // IBUs 18
  • Moo Milk Stout  // Chocolate and Mint Milk Stout // Alc. 6.7 // IBUs 18
  • Cow Bellgian // Belgian Dark Strong Ale // Alc. 7.8  // IBUs 18
  • Kombrewcha // Alc. 3.0 // 
  • Ginger Beer 
  • Soda [Current Flavor: Pear ]
  • Kombucha [Current Flavor: Apple + Lemon ]
  • Sparkling Water (Regular and Flavored) [Current Flavor:  Lemon + Chamomile ]
  • Nitro Cold Brew Coffee
(updated 6/23/22)

Year-Round Taps

Farm Life Lager
A style we think should have always existed but maybe it just died out with the DeLorean/rotary phone. This is a crisp, clean rice lager delivering sweet and hoppy notes. 

Alc. 4.0% // IBUs 12

Brush Mountain Blonde
Blonde Ale

This light, yet malty brew brings a bit more to the glass than your average golden ale.  Red wheat and noble hops give a fuller flavor, dirty-blonde color and little bitterness. We are currently serving a gluten-removed version of the Brush Mountain Blonde Ale.

Alc. 5.1% // IBUs 17

Treerider IPA
Session India Pale Ale

This brew climbs the branches of your palate to a floral hop bouquet of citrus flavor and aroma. Golden Promise Pale malts mingle with three hop varietals: earthly yet fruity bitterness of Simcoe, Mosaic's herbal grab bag of flavor, and the tropical aromas of Equinox.

Alc. 6 % // IBUs 60

Toward heaven, till the tree could bear no more,

But dipped its top and set me down again. 

Excerpt from Birches, by Robert Frost

goats eye.jpg
Goat's Eye Rye
Rye Pale Ale


A goat finding your hop yard is like having a raccoon in your china closet.  Bittered with all American Warrior and Centennial hops. Also, some Honey malts to help to balance the dry, spiciness from the rye in the mash.  Dry-hopped with Saaz and Northern Brewer for nice earthy and evergreen aroma.

Alc. 5.8% // IBUs 68


Brown Chicken Brown Ale
Brown Ale


No need to get into the metaphysical details of this one.  Here you have smooth and simple brown ale that’s not so nutty.   Mild Cascade hop aroma and character to spruce it all up.

Alc. 6.7% // IBUs 16


Thunder Snow Stout
Vanilla Oatmeal Coffee Stout

Perfect consolation when you think you’ve seen it all and then a strike of lightning hits your snowman!  An oatmeal brewed stout finished with real vanilla beans and cold brewed, locally roasted coffee from Strange Coffee Company just a few miles away.

Alc. 5.5% // IBUs 22


Seasonal Brews

RSB Traditions
More Cow Bellgian 
Belgian Dark Strong Ale

Our own mix of special dark wheats and malts.  Crystal and Amarillo hops join the boil for some citrus, and fresh orange zest for even more citrus.  A quite smitten, trappist-like yeast strain and 6 months in a bourbon barrel for whiskey, oak and all. 

Alc. 7.8% // IBUs 17


Bandit Cat Barleywine
American Strong Ale

Named in honor of the resident farm feline, the Bandit Cat Barleywine evokes a purr of contentment on these cold winter nights.  Though it may cozy up and fluff your fur, this 11% Barleywine is crafty like a Bandit Cat - it might also frisk your whiskers!  All organic Pale and Munich malty flavor and sweetness balanced with Magnum hops, which is what it’s all about in a big beer like this.

Alc. 11.0% // IBUs 44

Duck Duck Dunkel
Munich Style Dark Lager

 A truly quack-tastic, German dark lager utilizing Munich malts. Dark in color, rich in malt flavor yet light, crisp and dry to finish. Ever been bum-rushed by a raft of ducks while tossing bread into water? This liquid-bread Dunkel might very well drive them to dive-bombing your beer stein!

Alc. 5.0% // IBUs 20

Gopher Gose
German Style Wheat Ale

A light, wheat ale with dynamic flavors.  The mash is soured on site usingprobiotic lactobacillus cultured from the grains themselves.  Then we balance the sour with Mediterranean Sea salts and a hint of coriander.

Alc. 4.8% // IBUs 11

get sun.jpg
Get Sun Sour
German Style Wheat Ale

If all the beer drops were sour drops and sun drops oh what a beer that would be!  Some could say it’s worth revolving around, or we might as well just keep orbiting. Yes, a few more circles around the sun with a refreshing beer in our hand will do!  A toast to the all things solar, and the daily dose UV, our favorite star of life and energy, featuring organic pale malt and Huell Melon Hops!


We wouldn’t forget a (hat in hand) shout out to Baseline Solar, the best technicians in the solar system!  Quite a session-able sour ale, at our absolute favorite ph of 3.5, so go-on ‘n get chu sun!

Also magma and plasma…

Alc. 5.5% // IBUs 37
Farm & Forage 
Blue Heifer 
German Style Hefeweizen with Blueberries

OK, so it won't turn your favorite bovine pal a beautiful hue of blue...

A real wheat treat with fresh blueberries, hand picked by yours truly.  Sweet on the front end and dry in the finish, a subtle fruit beer for those who like something light yet involved in the summer!  Available every blueberry season and served very fresh!

Alc. 4.5% // IBUs 11
carrot ginger.jpg
Ginger Hare Carrot Saison 
Farmhouse Saison

This ale is driven by a bountiful harvest from the crew at Glade Road Growing Farm.  A light effervescence gives way to the pleasantly mild taste of fire roasted carrots, a mellow ginger kick and spice for a little hop in your step! On the dry side, not too sweet- perfect alongside a cool autumn breeze.

Alc. 4.8% // IBUs 23
Beet Drop Saison 
Sour Saison

Who says a farmer doesn’t know how to drop the beet !? This funky saison is brewed with grains of paradise, Sorachi Ace hops, and finished with 37lbs of roasted beets from our farm. Bright red in color and a flavor that keeps the beet and makes for quite a treat!

Alc. 4.6% // IBUs 45
Mole Jalapeño Porter
Roasted Jalapeño Porter
Love is blind, and moles are practically blind, but this malty, roasty Porter has been enhanced by the addition of cocoa powder, cocoa nibs and flame roasted Jalapeños from Glade Road Growing Farm! A mild spiciness and warming heat that does not burn, yet gives way to notes of chocolate goodness that will pry your eyes right open for a longing gaze of affection.
Alc. 5.7% // IBUs 15
Apple 'Atcha Pale Lager
Apple Pilsner

Organic, Appalachian Apples coming ‘atcha ! Crisp, dry, slightly tart and balanced with a mild Hop bitterness: is it a cider or is it a beer?? Made with a blend of apples from Seven Springs Farm, which we pressed and fermented with our favorite base lager.

Alc. 6.0% // IBUs 17
Hop 'N' Holler
Wet Hopped Session Pale Ale

Is there anything better than brewing with hops straight off the vine?? This wet hopped brew is available in late Summer and Early Fall. Whether the hops are from local hop yards or harvested from our very own vines here on the Farm, we love to experiment with the delicate earthy and floral flavors that fresh, wet hops give beer. Be on the lookout for when this brew will be on tap, it's best drunk FRESH! 

Alc. 5.5% // IBUs 55

That Bucking Tractor 
Double IPA

This Double IPA is the most menacing beer on the menu with a smooth crisp taste, packing a punch with a high ABV. If you enjoy hoppy, bitter taste, you'll enjoy our boldest IPA!

Alc. 6.9% // IBUs 78

Farm Fizz

Low/No Alcohol

Femented Tea


Kombucha is a fermented, probiotic drink made from sweetened tea and a symbiotic culture of yeast and bacteria (SCOBY). Taste can be described similar to sparkling apple cider and champagne depending on various factors. We use a mix of organic teas, English Breakfast black tea, Bancha green tea and Yerba Mate, and organic evaporated cane juice (sugar) from EATS in Blacksburg, and flavor primarily with freshly juiced seasonal fruits or dried herbs and teas. Kombucha contains some caffeine, acetic acid, B vitamins, antioxidants, trace amounts of alcohol and live bacteria and yeast - Give it a taste or bring your growler to enjoy regularly!

Ginger Beer
Fermented Ginger Ale


Our Ginger Beer (or "Ale") is fermented by Ginger Beer Plant (GBP). GBP is not really a plant, but rather a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (similar to a Kombucha SCOBY) of tiny grains, like semi-transparent rice granules. Lower sugar content and plenty of fresh organic lemon and ginger juice create a beverage that is tart yet a dry sweet, and fiery in ginger taste. This is a low-alcohol ferment.

Non-alcoholic / Non-fermented


Always made from scratch, we offer a soda available on tap. Flavors vary and include root and herbal recipes, citrus and seasonal fruits.